Currently Watching: Anticipated Autumn Animes

Happy Spooky Season, everyone!

With the Autumn chill in the air and brown, crunchy leaves falling to the ground, that can only mean one thing. New anime!

This season I have quite a few titles that I plan to try out

  1. Actors: Songs Connection
    Private Tenshou Gakuen is a restricted school surrounded by a 130-meter fence. With intense rules about who, when, and whether or not people are allowed to enter or exit school grounds, the only means of independence comes from club activities. Each club has the opportunity to earn points based on club activity and events as well as the ever anticipated Tenshou Gakuen Singing Contest.
  2. African Office Worker

    African Office Worker is a slice of life comedy that follows a lion, toucan, and lizard as they work in an office building in Japan. Our three protagonists also have to deal with their own unique problems as animals living away from the Savannah and outside the natural food chain.
  3. Afterschool Dice Club

    A shounen comedy about girls playing board games after school. Aya is new to Kyoto, but quickly makes friends with the shy Miki and commitee president Midori. Together they decide to start their own after school club and spend their time playing games together.
  4. Ahiru no Sora

    A shounen sports drama that follows the meek, but passionate Sora Kurumatani as he joins the basketball club at his high school. Hoping to fulfill his mother’s wish of winning his first year tournament, Sora discovers that his dream is dependant on the basketball clubs current members – all of which are made up of the school’s delinquents!
  5. Ascendance of a Bookworm

    Motosu Urano loved books and had just received her Librarian certification. On the way to her dream job, Motosu Urano dies during an Earthquake after being crushed by her own book collection.

    She wishes to be reincarnated just so she can keep reading her beloved books, but when she wakes up as the young daughter of a lowly solider in a world where books are limited to the nobility of the world, Motosu – now Maine – decides that the only thing left for her to do is to make books for herself.
  6. Assassins Pride

    In a world where only the aristocrats have the power to fight monsters, Kufa is sent to tutor the nuisance daughter of a duke. If he can’t find her hidden talents, Kufa must kill her.
  7. Beastars

    In an anthropomorphic world, predator and prey live side by side. Students at Cherryton Academy live in a world filled with hope, love, distrust, and uneasiness. For Regoshi the wolf, this means that he spends his school life treated like a dangerous criminal despite his gentle nature, but will that change when he meets a group of students who share their own insecurities?
  8. Chuubyou Gekihasu Boy

    What happens when you throw a transfer student into a group of boys with delusions of grandeur? Why, you get a classic school comedy anime.

    Noda dreams of becoming a hero, Takashima is an otaku who only likes 2D girls, Nakamura is either a reincarnated angel or devil, and Tsukumo is a self-professed string-puller. How is Mizuki Hijiri met to keep up?
  9. Hataage! Kemono Michi

    Shibata Genzo is a professional wrestler and animal lover. When he is summoned to another world, Genzo is asked to kill evil beasts, but refuses. Unable to get home, Genzo decides to live a peaceful life as the owner of a ‘Monster’ pet shop.
  10. Hoshiai no Sora

    This slice of life sports drama follows Touma Shinjou after he asks Maki Katsuragi join the tennis club for his vaunted abilities. However, Katsuragi will only join the team in exchange for money.
  11. Kandagawa Jet Girls

    This sports drama follows a group of girls who compete in jet ski races. Pretty straightforward.
  12. Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

    Suzuki Iruma is sold to demons to help pay off his irresponsible parent’s debt. Now Suzuki Iruma lives in the demon world and has to transfer to a school for demons.
  13. No Guns Life

    Juuzou Inui wants answers to a few simple questions. Who turned him into a cyborg? Why has his memories been erased? Who took his head and replaced it with a giant gun?

    Discharged from the cyborg military group known as Extended, Juuzou now solves crimes including other ex-Extended while he searches for the person who turned him into what he is now.
  14. Null Peta

    After genuis inventer Null loses her sister, Peta, in an accident, she decides to develop ‘Peta Robo’, a robot with the same personality as her sister. However, the robot is a little different than Null expected.
  15. Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ko ya

    Kisaragi Amatsuyu is invited by a group of beautiful and cool girls and expects to hear their confessions, but soon finds out that they like his friend instead. Lonely and dejected, Amatsuyu also has to deal with a gloomy and sharp tongued girl who seems to take great joy from his pain. What will Amatsuyu do when he discovers that she may be the only girl who likes him?
  16. Pet

    There are people who can control other’s memories. This power is used to eradicate mysteries or even assassinate people. This power can destroy a person’s mind and the user’s heart. To counter this affect, those with the ability use chains to lock their heart away and hide it from the dangerous repricussions of their power. They are called Pets.
  17. Rifle is Beautiful

    This slice of life comedy follows Kokura Hikari and her love of rifle shooting. Her hobby is her main reason for entering Chidori High School so she can join the shooting club. But Kokura is forced to try and find enough members or else the club will be disbanded due to lack of interest. Can she convince her middle school competition friends to join her?

Wow. That’s a lot.

Another full season that has a lot of potentially great shows. Are you looking forward to any in particular, or are you going to dip your toe into as many as you can like me?